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Manage your tournaments online - service for tournaments management. It was created for tournament organizers and competition members. Service features:

  • game schedule generation;
  • distribution of places and winners;
  • scoring and statistics;
  • lineups for a match, scores, assists, cautions, dismissals;
  • round robin and olympic types of tournaments;
  • printing tables and schedule of games.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the "demo" mode and the "tournament"?

The "demo" mode will allow you to get the tournament grid without registration and without saving in the service. After closing the page, all data will be lost. In the "Tournaments" mode, you can create a tournament, share it, gradually add game results and the like. Registration is required for the tournament.

What types of tournaments are supported?

The service supports olympic and round robin tournaments.

What is the maximum number of members?

The maximum is 15(40 with extended options) for the round robin and 32(256 with extended options) for the olympic.

Can a game for 3rd place be added to the olympic tournament?


Is there a limit on the number of rounds in a round robin tournament?

Not. 1 or 2 rounds can be generated automatically. The following rounds can be added manually.

What are the scoring settings?

You can specify the number of points for a win/draw/loss in regular time, extra time, penalty shootout or shootout, etc.

How do I print a page?

On the page that supports printing, you need to find the icon "".