Sport type
Tournament type
Access mode
Win: 3
Draw: 1
Winner selection
points, head-to-head points, head-to-head wins count, head-to-head goal diff, head-to-head goals scored, wins count, goal diff, goals scored, defeat count
Additional options
Regular tournament
  • up to 15 tournament members
  • up to 15 players per member
  • limited lists of goals, assistants, etc. in statistics
Extended options For a fee
  • Co-editing (up to 10 users)
  • up to 40 tournament members
  • up to 50 players per member
  • more events and sets can be added to the match
  • add several assistants per event
  • complete lists of goals, assistants, etc. in statistics
  • access settings
  • additional settings for highlighting rows of round-robin table
  • No ads